Besides Research

The data sets of my paper ” Applying a Change-Point Detection Method on Frequency-Magnitude Distributions” (BSSA, 2007)

4 data sets can be downloaded here:

  1. a regional catalog: a subset of the Earthquake Catalogue
    of Switzerland (ECOS) from the Swiss Seismological Service
  2. a regional catalog: a subset of the Northern California
    Seismic Network (NCSN), U.S. Geological Survey,
    Menlo Park (investigated magnitudes are NCSN coda duration
    magnitude values).
  3. a volcanic region: a subset of the earthquake catalog
    maintained by the National Research Institute for Earth
    Science and Disaster Prevention (NIED).
  4. a global dataset: a subset of the Global Centroid Moment
    Tensor (CMT) catalog (investigated magnitudes are Mw
    values that have been converted from seismic moments).

In my 2007 publication, data were processed via the ”fmbass” R function. Now, this function is replaced by the ”fmddisc” function in the GRTo library.